Grip2u iPhone 7 Grip Case

If you have ever damaged your iPhone, or are worried that you might, it’s time to get a grip.

The Grip2u iPhone 7 Grip Case, with its handy strap on the back, allows you to hold your iPhone with confidence reducing the risk of damaging your screen if you drop your device. The design of the case allows you to easily slide your hand through the strap, and reduces the chance of accidentally dropping your device.

The Grip2u Case is available in 2 models, the Boost and the Boss. The Boost comes in six styles and offers all-over protection to your iPhone – including the buttons. The Boss model has an additional slim card sleeve feature. For added security, the strap conceals this sleeve, which holds up to three cards.

Both models of the Grip2u also feature a highly rated dual-layer shock system in case of an accidental drop. But with the unique Grip2ü strap feature, that’s not likely to happen.

Grip2u iPhone 7 Grip Case – $29.95 USD

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