How the Flintu SideKick Could Save You and Your Smartphone

The Flintu Sidekick is kind of intriguing. It’s not something everyone needs, but if you frequent a few out-of-way destinations, it could come in handy.

How the Flintu SideKick Could Save You and Your Smartphone

This short video showcases the new Flintu SideKick, and highlights both the unique and practical aspects of this pocket-sized, versatile smartphone charger capable of coming to your smartphone’s rescue in a pinch.

I selected this video because I found the Flintu Sidekick kind of intriguing.

It’s probably not a tool that everyone needs, but if you frequent more than a few out-of-way destinations, the Flintu Sidekick could come in handy.

Watch and see if you agree.

I’m stoked that you just checked that out! I hope you found it interesting, too.

If you want more information about the Sidekick, check out

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