Linedock Ultrathin Smart Laptop Power Bank

Working or playing wherever and whenever you want just got a whole lot easier

Linedock Ultrathin Smart Laptop Power Bank

Linedock is an ultrathin smart laptop power bank that does a lot more than just charge your laptop.

Whether you’re a road warrior, or just enjoy working when and where you want, the Linedock is the perfect complement.

While only a mere 9mm thick – the size of a smartphone – it boasts a massive 20,000 mAh battery, that translates to an additional 15 hours of laptop battery life.

In addition, Linedock offers 1 TB of storage space and provides additional ports, including USB3 (3x), HDMI, MiniDisplay Port, and USB-C, so you can connect to the outside world anytime, anywhere.

Check out all of Linedocks features in this video.

I hope you liked this video and can appreciate what Linedock can do for you. It’s more than just a laptop charging device.

If you want more information on Linedock, you can find it here.

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