The Microsoft Surface Book – Is It the Ultimate Laptop?

Microsoft Surface Book


The new Microsoft Surface Book is being billed as the “ultimate laptop,” which is pretty much on target, since it is primarily designed to be a laptop first, but can also be used as a part-time tablet. But it’s also a bold claim, since this is Microsoft’s first-ever laptop.

Although the Microsoft Surface Book has generated a lot positive feedback, a few things people notice is the bulky hinge and the gap it leaves between the screen and base. It also weighs in just under 3.5 pounds. But as Microsoft points out, this is a laptop, not a tablet. If you want a tablet, buy a Surface Pro 4 instead.

But if you buy a computer for how it performs, the Microsoft Surface Book doesn’t disappoint. This video reviews  the features that people will find the most useful.

Here are a few more reviews on the Microsoft Surface Book that we think you will find useful if you are considering Microsoft’s Surface Book.

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While it’s not nearly as refined as the new fourth-gen Surface Pro, Microsoft’s Surface Book is a powerful, feature-filled premium hybrid that doesn’t forget it’s a laptop first. – Page 1.

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We’re excited to test and review Microsoft’s new Surface Book laptop! We’ve had one in the lab for about two weeks, and shared it with some artists and professional sculptors to get their thoughts on the laptop’s graphics …

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Review: Microsoft’s Surface Book – WIRED

WIREDReview: Microsoft Surface Book Microsoft gets that, or seems to. It also seems to understand that those things don’t matter; the most important thing a $1,500 laptop needs to do is be a laptop. All the good things about the Surface Book are …

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A closer look at Microsoft’s new Surface Book laptop

The Surface Book review. When I reviewed Microsoft’s Surface 3 tablet earlier this year I simply concluded that Microsoft should make a laptop. I can’t believe …

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What we think about the Microsoft Surface Book

Like it or not, the future of Windows is convertibles. But rather than trying to design the Surface Book to be all things to all people, Microsoft simply built, as they claim, the “ultimate laptop”. We think they got it right with the Surface Book. But ultimately, the marketplace will always be the judge.

The new Surface Book is available now! Get more info here.

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