CUBOT X20 Pro Review

CUBOT X20 Pro Review

The CUBOT X20 Pro is the latest smartphone from the popular CUBOT X series. Features include double-sided 3D glass, an improved triple-lens camera, and a super-efficient battery.

The X20 Pro is available in three colors – blue, black, and gold and features a stylish prismatic effect on the back of the device that shows stunning gradients.

Priced at under $200, this is a smartphone that’s definitely worth considering if you have a limited budget. Take a look at the features of the X20 Pro and see if you like it as much as we do.

I hope that was helpful. As you can see, the CUBOT X20 Pro packs quite a punch for the price.

If you rely heavily on your device for photos and video, you’re going to love the 12 MP triple-lens camera and the photo processing features of the X20 Pro, which were showcased in the video.

The X20 Pro is powered by a Helio P60 (2.0 GHz) processor with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory. A new built-in FaceID scanner replaces the back fingerprint recognition module, making it easier and more convenient to control access to your device than ever before.

The X20 Pro offers the stock Android 9.0 interface, designed to improve the user experience. It enables more comfortable and smarter interaction, including one-hand navigation, by placing controls easily within one hand’s reach.

And thanks to its powerful 4,000 mAh battery capacity, the X20 Pro can easily handle intensive use all day and not miss a beat. And with Super Fast Charging technology, you can power up quickly.

You can find an outstanding deal on the CUBOT X20 Pro at Gearbest, or check the eBay listings below:

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