Lifeshield Home Security System Review

Lifeshield Home Security System Review

This video from Security Dot Org reviews the Lifeshield home security system from ADT – what it includes, what the installation is like, how professional monitoring works, customer support, and lastly, the Lifeshield app.

ADT, one of the most recognized and trusted names in home security acquired LifeShield early in 2019, as a way to adapt to the rapidly-changing home security and monitoring market.

This entertaining review is packed with useful insights and information about the Lifeshield home security system. I think you’ll get a lot out it, just like I did. Watch and see.

I certainly hope you liked the video review, and I hope it helps you to make a more informed choice if you are looking to buy a security system for your home.

Keep in mind that this review was done before ADT acquired Lifeshield, so some things have changed, especially in the customer service area. You might want to check out this page for updates.

To quickly recap…

The ADT Lifeshield system is available in 5 different DIY packages. All Lifeshield systems come with four layers of backup protection – internet, cellular, landline, and battery. This ensures that your system will remain on even if the power goes out.

You can choose to either monitor your own system or for an additional monthly fee, get professional monitoring by ADT, with no long-term contracts.

All packages include a base station, keypad, keychain remote, wireless security tablet, and motion, door/window, and fire safety sensors. All but the smaller 11-piece kit provides an extra motion sensor and a video camera.

Learn more about the Lifeshield home security system here.

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