The Desktop PC is NOT Dead. Here’s Proof.

For years we have been warned about the impending demise of the desktop PC. “Doomed for extinction” we were told, replaced by smaller and powerful mobile devices.

desktop PC

That prediction may still come true, but you wouldn’t see much evidence at this years CES. According to the folks the Verge, the desktop PC may in fact be enjoying a new resurgence.


The Creative Renaissance of the All-in-One PC

Smartphones and tablets were supposed to kill the PC, starting with the static, unnecessary desktop and moving onward to the battery-deficient and cumbersome laptop. Of course, we know that didn’t happen. Laptops now morph into tablets, the battery life improved, and our smartphones now exist as just another notch — albeit an ultra-portable and increasingly more powerful one — in the greater computing continuum. The post-PC era never happened because we refused to stop using the PC.

At CES, the desktop is back with a vengeance.

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