AirBar Touchscreen Sensor – Instantly Turns Your Laptop Into A Touch Screen

airbar touchscreen sensor

AirBar Touchscreen Sensor – Turn Your Laptop Into Touch Screen Instantly

Most Windows laptops do not have touchscreen capability, but just attach the AirBar Touchscreen Sensor and plug it in. You’ll get all the touchscreen features built into Windows 10.

This cool little device is pretty amazing and at just $69, it is certainly impressive.

Watch the video below and see for yourself. I think you’ll like what you see.

So, what did you think? Pretty cool laptop accessory, isn’t it?

It may not be something everyone needs, but if you use Windows 10, you know what a difference adding touchscreen capability to your laptop can make.

And for less than $70, it’s a pretty good bargain, too.

Here’s a brief overview…

The AirBar Touchscreen Sensor is

  • Designed for both Windows 10 and Mac laptops and notebooks with 13.3″ to 15.6″ screens.
  • Simply attach the AirBar to the bottom of your screen with the included magnets and plug in the USB cord.
  • Touch using any object such as a finger, glove, paintbrush, stylus, and more.
  • Works using gestures like taps, swipes, pinches, zooms, and rotations.

You can find more information about this device and purchase the AirBar Touchscreen Sensor today for a surprisingly affordable price at B&H Photo Video and Walmart.

Also, be sure to check the listings below on eBay.

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